Gralyn's Omega was born on also on 8th  July, 2014.  As is often the case one of our mare’s foal and it seems to set off a chain reaction, but Kentucky true to form took her time and popped her baby out at the beginning of July.  We were captivated by her from the start, her markings were quite distinctive and to this day displays a 9 on her leg.  Kentucky is just the most adoring parent and she totally wraps her babies in cotton wool.  With Omega she was no different.  Omega however has other ideas and she is probably the most determined foal Kentucky’s has had to date.  She knows what she wants and bosses the others around to that end.  


She was only 7 weeks old at the Zfdp grading and nevertheless she strutted her stuff and enjoyed showing off immensely.She too is a few spot and quite a slight build of a girl.  She is elegant and has three good paces which can be difficult to distinguish through the winter,  as she is just so glad to get out she gambols about like a spring lamb.  She typifies Kentucky’s foals as she won’t be rushed in her development.  As the rest of our foals were born quite ahead of her she has always seemed by far the baby of the outfit.  Kentucky herself developed slowly and steadily and took her time.  She hit all her milestones in terms of breaking and learning but from a build point of view she was quite fine and took her time in broadening out and developing a good deep chest and frame.  Kentucky is light on her feet and elegant and Omega very much follows her lead.  She is very similar in many ways to Kentucky but she has a more determined streak in her than Kentucky has.  She knows her mind and likes things done in her own way.  She enjoys all the attention she can get and has developed in all the ways her cohorts have done.  She likes new challenges and likes to learn new things.  She is inquisitive and very nosy!

Name: Omega

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