GRALYN’S NIEVE was born on 1st June, 2014.  Vibe decided to produce a huge strapping filly three weeks early in the middle of our large mare’s field.  We went to do morning feeds and found we had a beautiful bay blanket spotted filly.  She calmly walked away from her mum and followed us into the foal room.  Vibe followed and you would have thought Nieve had been in there before she was so comfortable and confident about her trip there!


She has continued to grow in both stature and confidence and loves to be out and about with her friends.  She is currently good with blacksmith and vet and enjoys seeing new experiences and very typical of her mum’s ethos to the no nonsense school of foals.  She will be a big girl of circa 16.2++

She is elegant and has three very good paces.  She is a nice frame and we are confident she will be a very easy girl to train as she has that knabstrupper brain that we so value, whereby trust is focal to her development.  We handle and train our foals regularly to develop their experiences and characters and also to set them small but achievable challenges which are the building blocks to their future education.


She delights us all daily and her education continues to flourish and develop daily.



She is Zfdp passported and graded when the German’s flew over to this country and visited our stud at the end of August, 2014.


Name: Nieve

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