GRALYN’S IMAGINE was born on the 1st July, 2013.  He was Kentucky’s second foal and a boy.  He was also a carbon copy of his big brother, Caesar.  


Imagine is a very sweet natured and easy colt.  He has inherited Kentucky and Amadeus Normark’s temperament and is a very happy go lucky colt.  He is very alike in his paces to Caesar and is elegant and fluid in his movement.  He is never happier than when he is being handled.  He is happy to be rugged, will go in and out of a trailer and sees the blacksmith for a trim regularly.


He will likely grow to 16.1/16.2 will be a medium build but like all our knabstruppers he has good bone.


For further information about Amadeus Normark please see our stallion pages.


Imagine’s a fewspot colt which makes him an interesting prospect for breeding as he is likely to pass on colour to his offspring.  



Imagine is passported with the KNN.

Name: Imagine

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