Gralyn’s Hadley was born on 18th June, 2013.  Vibe had finally broken the mould and produced a boy!  If that was not enough we were surprised to find he was almost a mini me of Vibe.  He was a striking leopard spotted boy.  Given his sire was a loud spotted leopard - Amadeus Normark, and Vibe was leopard spotted,  we were quite amazed when he followed form!


Hadley was soon under the wing of Vibe and her no nonsense school of parenting.  Despite being a large boy from the start, he was never one to use his size in a negative way.  He is a lovely boy with lots of bone and a strong example of a knabstrupper.  He has three fluid paces and loves nothing more than to learn and be amongst his friends.   


He is visited regularly by the blacksmith, is rugged, goes in and out of the trailer and is happily maturing and growing. 


Further information on Amadeus Normark can be seen on our stallion pages.



Hadley is passported with the KNN.

Name: Hadley

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