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GRALYN’S FRAGGLE II was born on the 20th May, 2013.  He was Fancy’s first born and a colt.  He is the most beautiful boy you can imagine.  When visitors see him they remark that he has more than a passing resemblance to the Lloyds Bank horse.


He was born in a field a couple of weeks before he was due.  It had been a very, very wet spring and Fancy had just been put out for a short while whilst her stable was cleaned and restocked.  Fraggle decided he was going to make an appearance and Fancy started to deliver him in the middle of a field, thankfully quite close to the house!  


He will likely grow to around 16.1/16.2   His sire is Amadeus Normark.  Please see stallion pages for further information about Amadeus.


Fraggle is an extremely elegant horse with very fluid, uphill paces. He screams dressage movement with a natural flair.  He is incredibly intelligent and learns things very quickly.  He will happily go in a trailer, be led, rugged, stand and is learning his lessons very quickly.  



He is passported with the KNN

Name: Fraggle