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Caesar was born on the 11th July, 2012.  He was Kentucky’s first baby and was also our first colt.  Since his feet touched the ground and he drew his first breath, Caesar has been the sweetest colt you could imagine.  He is a fewspot colt which makes him a very good stallion prospect.  His colouring suggests that he will pass on colour to his offspring.  He has such a wonderful nature coming from both his sire Amadeus Normark and his dam Kentucky.  We as a stud, think it is of paramount importance that when we chose mares or stallions  they have first class manners and a wonderful temperament.  Knabstrupper’s are beautiful warmblood horses who have been known for many hundreds of years to be horses with great temperaments and yet very biddable and workman like.   Why would we want to change this? 



Caesar is a great example of this combination of work ethic whilst having a great personality and temperament.  It is our intention to back Caesar in the spring of 2015. 

Name: Caeser