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Bollinger who is aka Bubbles, is a big strong, well boned girl.  She is very striking in looks and has inherited her parent’s expressive paces and work ethic.  She was also backed as a three year old and surprised us all when she proved to be so light, elegant  and willing under saddle.  She has three good paces and is also a willing partner under saddle.  She has good bone and is a very striking horse.  She is jet black with a white lace marking on her bottom.  Bubbles see’s herself very much as Vibe’s second in command, albeit I think Vibe is quite able and content to be number one!  


She is a great mum to her foals and to date has given us two lovely examples of knabstruppers.  Grace - her name says it all, and Liberty who is a fewspot filly.  


It is pleasing to see that Vibe’s temperament and willingness to learn has not only passed through to her foals but also to her progeny’s offspring.


Whilst Vibe is her dam, Xhogun Middlesom is her sire.  She stands 167 and her offspring all look to be growing into substantially tall foals.  


Bubbles has been graded with the KNN and also Zfdp.

Name: Bubbles