I have always been completely captivated by animals, especially horses, and I have been fortunate enough to share my life with some pretty amazing four-legged friends. 


Having always wanted to rear horses, I looked for a breed that had a good temperament, was very sound in build and conformation, and also had an intelligent brain. Through my research, I came across breeds that had all these attributes but  Knabstruppers stood out by a mile. They have a long, illustrious history and are known for their movement, workmanlike attitude and intelligence. So, in 2008, Graham and I founded Woodfold Park Stud and our adventure began.


Having carefully selected our first foundation mares from Denmark, we have since bred some of our own. Everything at Woodfold Park is geared around the wellbeing of these mares and their foals – we are truly horse-centric. Graham works our fields throughout the year to maintain an excellent pasture, and we produce approximately 6,000 bales of our own hay so that we can control the quality and supply of feed that keeps our animals in peak condition. Our vets visit on a very regular basis and, of course, we couldn’t do without our amazing blacksmiths who come out roughly every two weeks, come rain or shine.


All these things combine to offer our horses the very best possible lifestyle. Their welfare is our priority and we handle them and gain their trust from a very early age. From imprinting them as newborns, to the time when they leave us, we try to give them the best training and experience we can. Life here totally revolves around our horses and we want owners to build on this and take our precious friends onto the next level in whatever discipline they choose.

We are completely horse centric here at Woodfold.  From my earliest recollections I have always been completely captivated by animals and horses especially. I have been fortunate enough to share my life with some pretty amazing animals, and in particular a very spectacular horse called Jonathan, who was so humanised he could communicate with all of us without words!  

Lyn x